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August 04, 2011:
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About BUDS Foundation

BUDS Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by the students of Anna University, Chennai in the year 2008. BUDS Foundation is an initiative that brings together all social minded people for creating a change in our society. We believe in the power of youth to build our country's destiny.

Swami Vivekananda once said. "Give me one hundred believing young men... I will transform India as the number one nation in the entire world." So here we are, young members of BUDS Foundation to realize our dream of an India where poverty and inequality are banished.

BUDS Foundation traces its root to a group of engineers from Anna University, Chennai who started this NGO even while pursuing their college education. BUDS is an acronym for Be United to Do Service. BUDS foundation was registered as a NGO in September, 2008. We focus our work towards education, health awareness and empowerment of marginalized people.

All of us want to live happily with our family and spend our time pleasing ourselves. We hardly remember the thousands of fellow people living on the streets with no food or a proper living. Many a times we might feel like helping them in some way or the other but rarely do we reach out to them. There is no use in blaming anyone of us. Instead it's high time we get together as a group and work for their well being. BUDS Foundation is one such initiative to bring together all of you people who want to be of help to others.

Join us as a member and reach out to as many people as you can. We are there to support you. Let's bring smiles on the faces of those who expect care and love.


To bring a remarkable change in society by promoting education, increasing access to health services and fostering empowerment of the people.


  • To create awareness among people regarding health care, education and improve conditions of the poorest section of society.
  • To establish training centers and provide facilities for tailoring, computer classes, spoken English and to provide opportunities for self employment.
  • To provide books and scholarships to students who deserve the most enabling them to pursue higher education.
  • To assist orphans, destitute, children who are either physically challenged or suffering with AIDS.