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General FAQ

BUDS Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by the students of Anna University, Chennai in the year 2008. BUDS Foundation is an initiative that brings together all social minded people for creating a change in our society. We believe in the power of youth to build our country's destiny.

BUDS Foundation - Frequently Asked Questions - GENERAL

  1. How can I volunteer for BUDS Foundation?
  2. If you are really willing to be a part of BUDS, you are welcome to join us and carry out your service as a volunteer. All you have to do is register your details and submit a volunteer form .The form is available in the website www.buds.org,in or else contact the founder, K.Stalin @ 8939540572 . You can also volunteer and get registered by collecting the registration form from any member of BUDS.

    After becoming a volunteer, you can contribute your possible work for the ongoing programs conducted by BUDS. Details of current activities would be updated to you. You can be a part of any event organized by BUDS and also keep spreading our good work to those interested in service.

  3. How are classes held during the education programs?
  4. In the case of Athangi Kavanur, the classes were held in the School premises every evening. Special classes were conducted for Std X students. Regular tests were conducted and the students were given individual attention. The teacher appointed by BUDS Foundation maintained proper record of attendance and also addressed student's problems if any. The student was taken care and proper discipline was maintained.

    For details as to how our current "Sponsor a student's education" program conducts classes for students, check out the questions in the next section here.

  5. How is the education program monitored?
  6. During our program at Athangi Kavanur, one of the members of BUDS made a visit to the village every week and collected the activities of the program. The list of events for the week was analyzed after having an interaction with the school students as well as the teacher. The current necessities of the village people were also taken into account. Also the attendance and test records were viewed to check if there is any improvement in the academic level of the students.

    For details as to how our current "Sponsor a student's education" program monitors classes for students, check out the questions in the next section here.

  7. How can you continue your work with BUDS?
  8. The most important thing is BUDS needs your support in whatever we intend to do. All that is expected from you is your ideas and suggestions, volunteering for activities if needed and at times raising funds for the activities. You can keep in touch with the activities of BUDS and depending on the situation, contribute whatever is possible according to your career. During weekends or during holidays you can join with your friends or members of BUDS to spend time with the people whom we are helping. Also if you are working in an organization, you can contribute a smaller portion of your salary to the needy every month. Even a small amount can make a big difference. You can spread our work in BUDS to more people and thereby widen our network so that we can reach out our hands to more in need.

BUDS Foundation - Frequently Asked Questions - SPONSOR A STUDENT'S EDUCATION

  1. How is my donation used?
  2. BUDS Foundation conducts a program called "Sponsor a student's education". The donation you make provides the student with the basic requirements of textbooks, notebooks, tuition fee, uniforms, breakfast or mess fees, health, counselling and also personality development program. BUDS foundation will provide financial support to the students for their Std XII education currently. Next year, BUDS foundation will help them during college admissions and will look after their education till graduation. Your donation will go to support this program and thereby assist the student to fulfill his/her studies without financial burden.

  3. How can I be sure my donation is used properly? 
  4. BUDS accounts and programs are audited regularly. You will receive a receipt acknowledging your contributions. We give receipts for all payments made in favour of BUDS Foundation. To assure transparency to our sponsors, you are welcome to contact our trustees. You can also participate in our activities to know more about how we go about with the programs.

  5. How will I get to know the progress of the programs?
  6. The sponsor will be informed of the student's progress from time to time. The amount spent on the student will also be updated to you on regular intervals. You can spend time with the student whenever you wish. As a sponsor, you can interact with the student provided you have informed any of the trustees of BUDS Foundation. You can speak to the sponsored student if needed.

  7. Is my donation to Plan India exempt from tax?
  8. Currently the answer is "No". Sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently working on the tax exemption procedures. We will inform you once we are done with it.

  9. How can I play a role in the sponsoring program?
  10. You can be a part of this program and help students in any of these ways:

    • Financially sponsoring the student's education:
    • If you choose to help us in this way, you will be giving support to a student's financial needs to pursue his/her education.You can sponsor for a student's education completely or a small part of it. If possible, you can also sponsor for more than one student. This helps to ensure that the students benefit from an education, medical care and other needs.

    • Handling special classes/Conducting tests:
    • Alternatively, you can choose to support the sponsored student in his/her academics. We will make sure the student will be available during weekends to attend your classes. In case of conducting tests, the student will be informed and the test will be conducted under your supervision. Obviously we'd not expect you to sponsor a child unless you wish to support financially. In this way the student will also have a number of friends to care for and support them.

  11. How much of my money will go to my sponsored student?
  12. We sincerely guarantee you that every single rupee that has been sponsored will be used for the right purpose without any deduction. You can as well get your doubts clarified in case you have queries anytime during the sponsoring period.

  13. How long do I have to be a sponsor for?
  14. The sponsoring program will continue for several years from now. This year we would be supporting three students. In the future, the number of students we sponsor will increase. Once the student graduates, the sponsor may stop sponsoring for that student. But this does not prevent the sponsor from supporting the student thereafter. But if he wishes to sponsor, he can do the same for any other student.

    A sponsor may continue extending their support in other ways if they feel financial support cannot be done further.

  15. Can we choose the student we sponsor?
  16. Yes. Out of the students identified by BUDS Foundation, you can choose a person for whom you like to sponsor. We will keep you updated with the student's details as well his/her performance on a regular basis. All the money sponsored by you will be maintained for that particular student only. In future, you may even suggest students who are in dire need of help. We shall try to extend our help to them as well.

  17. Am I the only sponsor for the student?
  18. No. Since we have started the program only recently, we are reaching out to only 3 students. Therefore in our case, a student will have more than one sponsor. Maybe in the future we will grow up to a situation where each student will have a single sponsor.

  19. Will the student come to know that I am sponsoring her/ him?
  20. The student knows that she/ he is being sponsored. She/ He comes to know about the name of the sponsor only when the sponsor interacts with the student anytime during the program. The student's family would also be aware that a lot of members are sponsoring for their child. According to them, BUDS is sponsoring their child.

  21. Can a student be visited at their school/ home? Can the student be taken to sponsors residence?
  22. BUDS Foundation sponsors have the privilege of meeting their sponsored student. This experience is very memorable for both the sponsor and the student. As a matter of policy, the sponsor can visit the schools for meeting their sponsored student with the knowledge of BUDS. In case you desire to visit, kindly intimate the schedule of your proposed visit well in advance so that we can coordinate your visit and help you meet your sponsored student and witness the project activities.

  23. Can I send money directly to the sponsored student?
  24. Sending monetary gifts directly to the student is not advisable. All your payments should be in favour of BUDS Foundation. We ask that you send your correspondence through us so that we may keep a record and ensure that it reaches the student as desired. Other useful things for the student may be given directly to the student. In any case it would be better if BUDS is kept updated about it.

  25. I would like to know more about the sponsorship payment schemes. Are there sponsors who pay a fixed amount monthly?
  26. It is possible to make the payment at one time. Alternatively, you can also pay in installments as per the following scheme.Kindly choose the one you prefer and contact us for confirmation.

    • Monthly donation of Rs. 100/Rs.250/Rs.400/Rs.500/Rs.600/Rs.750/Rs.1000
    • Thrice a year donation of Rs.250/Rs.500/Rs.1000/Rs.1250/Rs.1500/Rs.2000/Rs.5000
    • Twice a year donation of Rs.500/Rs.1000/Rs.1500/Rs.2000/Rs.2500/Rs.5000
    • Yearly once donation of Rs.1000/Rs.2000/Rs.2500/Rs.5000/Rs.10000/Rs.15000/Rs.20000/Rs.25000/Rs.50000

    We have a few sponsors who contribute every month. Even if you could not make a contribution on a regular basis, never mind. Stay updated and continue your support in future when you are in a position to contribute.