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BUDS Foundation Projects

BUDS Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by the students of Anna University, Chennai in the year 2008. BUDS Foundation is an initiative that brings together all social minded people for creating a change in our society. We believe in the power of youth to build our country's destiny.

Our Activities:

BUDS activities revolve around three things- education, health and empowerment. We hope to serve more people and conduct several programmes that would be of help to many in the society. Right now we have been successful in conducting the following programmes.

Education Program:

BUDS foundation conducted its first education programme at Athangi Kavanoor village in Thiruvallur village. Usually out of the many appearing for public exams, there would be only 1 or 2 students who manage to pass. Therefore we felt having special classes would help them. Therefore a Teacher was appointed to take classes for students of that particular village. The classes commenced only in December 2008.The results of May 2009 was better compared to previous records.7 out of 12 students cleared the exam scoring good marks. The program will continue to improve the education standards in the village.

Health Care:

We have successfully provided medical assistance to Chandran, a boy aged 12 who had a heart ailment. Chandran hails from a village called Azhinchivakkam near Athangi Kavanoor in Thiruvallur district. With the efforts of BUDS Foundation and support from Dr.C.Sylendra Babu IPS, the boy was treated at “Frontier Lifeline & Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation” .The doctors diagnosed him for Rheumatic Heart Disease. But then no surgical treatment was suggested as it was a mild problem. From then on, BUDS Foundation is taking care of the boy’s health and helping him in need.

In the same village, BUDS Foundation provided hearing aid to Yuvraj(aged 8) and Vijay(aged7), sons of Govindaraj and Lakshmi. Both the children were hearing impaired right from birth.

Tailoring Program:

A tailoring Program was started at Athangi Kavanoor on April14, 2009. It was a 4 month course comprising of both theory and practical sessions. It turned out to be a job provider for many of the participants. And the highlight of the program is that 2 of the participants excelled so well that they are now working as trainers for tailoring at several centres. Actually the tailoring Program was a combined effort of BUDS foundation and the Self Help Group functioning at the village. We gave the participants, a completion certificate once their skill was tested. Now about 80% of them are employed in Export companies near Thiruvallur district. We are happy for those successful people. We hope to introduce many such training Programs so that the people benefit the most.

Current Projects:

  • We are sponsoring the education of 3 students. We aim to sponsor their education till their graduation. To know more about this program, visit SPONSORING PROGRAM.
  • Visiting about 5 orphanages and homes for the disabled and specially challenged.

Future Projects:

  • For the village students to have proficiency in the English language we have planned to conduct a Spoken English class. It would be more interactive and in the meanwhile effectively monitored to cater to the student’s ability.
  • We would conduct a self employment training course to a village.