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August 04, 2011:
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BUDS Teams

BUDS Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by the students of Anna University, Chennai in the year 2008. BUDS Foundation is an initiative that brings together all social minded people for creating a change in our society. We believe in the power of youth to build our country's destiny.

Teamwork and selfless service form the backbone of BUDS Foundation. BUDS activities are broadly categorized and worked in teams. Ultimately, the coordination of all teams is essential to taste success in our activities. We have the following teams namely

  1. Education team-
    Handling special classes for students, conducting tests for sponsored students, volunteering as a scribe or mentoring rural students. Also for helping students improve communication skills and personality improvement skills.
  2. Health-
    Guiding the people on health awareness necessary for day to day life. Also conducting health camps with the help of health experts and medical professionals.
  3. Design-
    Assisting in website development, brochure design, blogging, poster design etc. for promotion activities.
  4. Awareness-
    Organizing awareness programs related to social issues, taking part in awareness dramas and cultural activities in schools and villages.
  5. Promotion-
    To spread a word about BUDS Foundation .Distributing brochures regarding BUDS activities to friends and well wishers in your contact list. Playing a role in bringing in more members so that we can reach out to more people in need. Spreading awareness about BUDS through social networking sites and forming an active network of members online.
  6. Sponsoring-
    This team will either contribute funds for the sponsoring program or collect funds from a group of people and support the sponsoring program. Members can otherwise just refer contacts who are interested in sponsoring.
  7. Fundraising-
    This team will raise funds for BUDS activities. As of now only for the education of sponsored students. Handing over the receipts to sponsors is also an important work for this team.
  8. Empowerment-
    Conducting self employment related programs or training programs in rural areas. Implementing schemes for the welfare of women and marginalised people.
  9. Orphanage visits-
    Identifying orphanages for making visits or joining the team during visits and spending time with the inmates. Conducting games and small activities for the children in such orphanages.