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August 04, 2011:
BUDS Site Redesigned with a fresh new look!!


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BUDS Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by the students of Anna University, Chennai in the year 2008. BUDS Foundation is an initiative that brings together all social minded people for creating a change in our society. We believe in the power of youth to build our country's destiny.

Please feel free to contact any of the BUDS Core Members:

Stalin.K (+918939540572), mail to stalin@buds.org.in
Sunil Raj Kiran (+918124696501), mail to sunil@buds.org.in
Anees Arifa (+919742027900), mail to anees@buds.org.in
Priyadharshini.A (+919976512229), mail to priya@buds.org.in
Archana.P (+918056277055), mail to archana@buds.org.in
Arunraj (+919804416886), mail to arunraj@buds.org.in
For more information check out our Blog, http://www.budsfoundation.blogspot.com/
If you are interested in BUDS activities and would like to be a member, feel free to contact us.
You can send in your queries to mailto: enquiry@buds.org.in
If you are in facebook , join this group BUDS Foundation-Be United to Do Service at Facebook Page

Our twitter id is BUDS_foundation.

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